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Term Of Service

Ordering a service and timing:

Clipping Path Artist is responsible for editing/retouching the client’s images for the purchased orders and upload it to the client’s account in 24 hours after receiving the customer’s order for orders that has less than 100 photos. And for work demands, we will inform the client that the order may take more than 24 hours.

Revisions & Refunds:
Our clients have the right to request a revision for photos in a week after receiving photos edited and finished, through the finished project we will re-edit the images for free and provide it to the client until it meets our client prospect.

Reference photos:
The customer may upload photos to be used as an orientation while making a project; these photos will be only used as an example and a map for us.

The payment methods we accept:
We accept payment through PayPal, Visa, Master Card, and Bank Transfer.