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At Clipping Path Artist we detach images from their backgrounds using hand drawn clipping paths or masks;we are extremely fast between an hour and 12 hours.We deliver Great Quality at a realistic Price.

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Our Accuracy & Quality

Quality when detail means everything

Our Artist isolates images from their backgrounds by clipping paths or masks to industry standard. Our highly skilled team is experts at ensuring correct paths while maintaining the edge detail and overall integrity of the finishing image.

Why use a Clipping Path or Mask?

Clipping paths are one of the very widely used techniques in photo retouching and digital image editing. This is a vector path/shape used to segregate objects in images or photographs (to be retouched) from their background or layer. This allows the objects that are clipped from their backgrounds to be placed on different backgrounds. This service is created to conceal unwanted parts of an image. When clipping path is applied to an image, everything inside the path is included and any thing else outside the path is omitted. As a result, clipping path can be freely modified without messing up the background.

Remove Background

If you need your images on a white background, we will do that for you too! Please let us know if you require remove the background service

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Image Masking

Image masking refers to the process of isolating a certain portion of a digital photo by knocking out of a certain background and then placing it on a different background.Image masking is a time consuming, tedious and complex procedure.Clipping Path Artist is a company with ample experience in graphic artists for online and offline clients.The company has experienced and expert professionals who have a proven track record of success in a wide range of projects for an impressive list of clienteles. You can rely on our experts for getting the best possible Image masking job done.

Save Valuable time and money

We realize our client requirement so we the done images deliver hurriedly, in timenand scheduled budget. Whether you are the Photographer, the Agency, the Creative or part of retail team speed is everything.

With various productions facilities we ensure the images you send us at the end of your working day are ready for you the next day.Each image we process comes with our 100% satisfaction.

How Does it Work

Simple like 123

You can easily upload/download any quantity or size of files by using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). We can also prefer another access like your own FTP, WeTransfer, Dropbox etc. Upload your images and submit your job for processing. Clipping Path Artist customer support team is available to deal with any inquiries about your job. Our standard service period is usually 24 hour. Further services levels are available on request.

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Clipping Path Artist has dedicated teams working across multiple streams of image post production from to catalogue & advertising, e-commerce. Clipping Path Artist is able to deliver a wide range of services. Some of most popular services include bellow:

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